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Telecoms and Broadband

Telecoms and Broadband

We supply Business Hosted Telephone Services (VoIP). Prices start from £12.00 + VAT per month per user.
We provide a Resdiential Telephone and Broadband service using the OFNL Network. Please visit Kinetic Telecom for more information.

We offer Business Grade SoGEA and FTTP Broadband.

The SoGEA broadband service available at your premises will depend on the quality/length of your phone line and facilities available at your local telephone exchange.

Maximum possible download speed with FTTP is 1Gbps.
Maximum possible download speed with SoGEA is 80Mbps, upload 20Mbps.

Actual speed will be less than these maximum. Typical speed for FTTP is 700Mbps over a wired connection and SoGEA typical is 50Mbps. SoGEA Speed dependent on your phone line.

All of our broadband packages come with unlimited usage. We do not traffic shape your service giving you better performance all the time.

All SoGEA and FTTP broadband services have a 12 month minimum contract. Set-up/Transfer fees apply to all telecom products.

Leased lines up to 10Gbps can be supplied and installed. Please contact us for a quote.
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