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Database Design

Database Development and Intranet Design

We specialise in the development of databases using web based technology. The advantage of using web based technologies allows the database to be either hosted in a data centre or on a server in your offices. Another benefit of using this method is that you do not need any specialist hardware or software to access the database. The only requirement is that the computer (PC, Mac, Linux) or device (Smartphones, Tablets, Games Consoles) have the capability of viewing web pages. The ability to access the database remotely using your smartphone or tablet is essential in today's working climate.

We have developed databases that range from Contact Management to Stock Control and Invoicing systems.

Databases can be directly integrated with your website, telephone system and accounting systems.

Whatever your requirement we can develop a bespoke cost effective solution for your business.

If you already have a database system we can convert this to a web based system to give you greater flexibility and easy remote access.

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